Post-it® Notes … Use Them & Love Them

Post-it® Notes … Use Them & Love Them

Okay, I had to do it. I just couldn’t resist posting about one of my all-time favorite organizational tools (such a tactful way of saying I’m an addict)… “the solution to a problem nobody realized existed”. One of the most memorable gifts I’ve ever received was a gift bag completely packed with Post-it® Notes of every shape, style, and color from my best friend. I never realized how heavy they are till I was packing my suitcase to go home on a plane!

Did you know?  

  • 3M produces 50 billion Post-it® Notes every year.
  • It takes approximately 4,000 Post-it® Notes to cover a car. Yes, that’s a thing. (So if I find my car covered one morning, I have a short list of suspects.)
  • The iconic yellow color was happenstance, not planned. They were testing out this “accidental adhesive” with scratch paper from the office next door.

“The Post-it® Note was more than just a practical tool — it was also a psychological one. Compared to the clunky machines of the 1980s that generated all those documents, it was a vision of high-tech minimalism. Its edges were sharp and square, with no ugly binding, no perforations, no metal rings. Its color, a subtle but attention-getting yellow, was somehow like the color of thought itself, a lightbulb going off in your head. Devoid of any other graphic elements, it had the effect of a clean, calming, blank screen. And, yet, for all its streamlined efficiency, it was playful and user-friendly. . . .” from Greag Beato’s Twenty-Five Years of Post-it® Notes

Different Ways to Use Post-its…

Yes, I use them every day to take notes while working or on the phone, but there are so many other applications. And with the new products they keep coming out with, there is a Post-it® solution for everyone! The new Post-it® Extreme Notes stick to any surface, in any weather, from construction sites to the front door in a rainstorm or even in your freezer. Here are some ways to use the ‘regular’ notes:

  1. Stash a pad of the 2”x1.5” size in your business card case. As you’re networking, take a few notes to not only update your CRM later but also follow-up on conversations with new acquaintances.
  2. Temporarily label manila folders instead of writing on them. Post-its can save money on office supplies! (The trick is to write on the end with the sticky on the back – Super-Sticky Notes are amazing for this.)
  3. Stay motivated with reminders, quotes, and inspiration to reach your goals, around the office and around your home.
  4. Keep a pad in purse, wallet, or phone case to write notes and not lose them (hey, some of us still love paper notes!). Take the backing off or buy the style designed to attach to various surfaces so they are always there when you need them.
  5. Use a paper day-planner? Remind yourself to do a task on a certain day with a Post-it® (like, um, paying estimated taxes?).
  6. Flag a page for signature or to point out a section to be read with an optional reminder note.
  7. Organize a stack of paper (or a clipboard) with Post-it® Notes as dividers (similar to the way notebook dividers work).
  8. Need to take a bunch of things with you, but afraid you’ll forget something? Stick the list to the front door at eye level so you’ll see it as you leave.
  9. Think of something while brushing your teeth? Stick a pad to the mirror and keep a pen in a jar with your make-up brushes.
  10. Mark your place in a document or book or an item you have a question on and want to go back to.
  11. Make a short list of things to do within a short time frame and stick it to your monitor or desk top for easy reference.
  12. Create a seating chart – each person gets a note that can be moved around easily.
  13. Going somewhere that GPS can’t follow? Write directions on a Super-Sticky Note and place it on the dashboard or steering wheel – easy to see so you can focus on driving.
  14. Buy nice boxes or bins for storage? Use a Super-Sticky Note or Post-it® Label (with the full sticky backing) to mark them so you can easily find what’s in them and re-label when the contents change.
  15. Run the sticky side of a post it between the keys on your keyboard to gather fuzzes and small bits of trash.
  16. Mark cords and cables by cutting off the sticky end and wrapping it around them – don’t forget to color code!
  17. Catch dust and debris when drilling – stick the note to the wall under the area where you are drilling, then fold up as a mini “dust-pan”.
  18. Last but not least – don’t forget the power of using a variety of colors to visually categorize items!

What’s your favorite Post-it product or application? I love new ideas!