Design is thinking made visual. Saul Bass


A logo is a foundation piece in branding and marketing. Memorable and striking, it is a visual representation of the business, and often, the most seen and recognized marketing piece. Whether freelancing or building a national brand, this is an opportunity to express ideas and symbolism. The arrow in the Amazon logo is not just an arrow, it leads from the A to the z - and they definitely sell everything from A to Z!

Collateral Materials

With all of the technology available, there is still a place for printed materials putting your message directly in the hands of potential clients. A great takeaway for real estate agents, keeping a property fresh in the mind of potential buyers, as well as coaches, freelancers, speakers, and others who want to share more about their business than fits on a business card. Whatever your industry, when you potential clients need information in the hand, a professional looking (and printed!) piece is still an important part of a marketing plan.