Woman On-The-Go Essentials

Woman On-The-Go Essentials

Ever have one of those days where you leave the house at 8 am for meeting after meeting and don’t get home till late at night? You have your phone and laptop. All ready to head out the door, right? But if we want to “expect the unexpected” and be prepared, what else could we take?

Here is a quick checklist of essentials for the businesswoman on the go to be prepared, stay fresh, and enjoy your day!

  • Extra business cards. Don’t miss an opportunity because you’ve run out of cards. I keep an extra stash in my car as well as my phone case, purse, and laptop bag.
  • Post-it Notes. The 2”x1.5” size is perfect for placing on a business card. Take a few notes as you’re networking. It helps not only when updating your CRM but also during follow-up with new acquaintances to jog your memory.
  • Marketing materials. If you have brochures, flyers, or rack cards for your business, keep a few with you for those new business or referral opportunities.
  • Pen / pencil.
  • Hand lotion.
  • Hand wipes. EO has amazing lavender cleansing and antibacterial wipes without any unnecessary chemicals.
  • Pocket pack of tissues.
  • Safety pins. I have used these for everything from fixing a bra strap to hanging a banner at an event.
  • Shout! Wipes. These are amazing to keep that professional appearance…after spilling coffee at your first meeting.
  • A hair clip, band, or other accessory. A long day or unexpected rain shower can lead to hair losing it’s morning bounce, but a quick style change can keep you looking fresh. Wind in the hair is only fun when you’re at the beach!
  • Mini Make-up Refresher Kit. On a long day, you may switch gears from daytime meetings to an evening event, but just because you plan to stop at home to freshen up, doesn’t mean that traffic (wow, Nashville, growing much?) or other circumstances won’t be against you. A small compact with a mirror, face blotting papers, eye liner, mascara, and a lipstick or lip gloss with some drama.
  • Nail file.
  • Bottle of water.
  • Emergen-C or other vitamin / electrolyte supplement for energy. Coffee is not always the best ‘pick-me-up’ on a long day, so find what works for your body. I prefer a powdered supplement that you add to water and sip on for sustained energy.
  • Aspirin or your pain reliever of choice. Nothing worse than a headache to upset your rhythm.
  • Protein bar or other snacks. Keep your blood sugar stable on the busiest of days by having snacks as needed. I make my worst decisions when I’m hungry or have low blood sugar.

Depending your profession, there are probably a few other items to include in your kit that are specific to your needs. As a virtual assistant, when meeting with a client, I usually carry a couple highlighters, some paperclips, a few empty file folders, a pad of post its, and any items specific to that client or meeting.

Putting It All Together

Now, this list may seem long, but it actually takes a lot less space to carry these items than it might seem. It isn’t necessary to carry a whole box of protein bars, after all!

Tip #1: Purchase a box of 2”x3.5” zipper bags from your local craft store. These are perfect for small items like safety pins, paper clips, medication, and even taking a change of earrings with you.

Tip #2: I keep my “miscellaneous” items in a pouch that fits in my purse. This makes it super simple to switch bags and know that I haven’t forgotten anything.

Tip #3: Don’t forget to restock your supplies when you get home! 🙂

Be prepared for that busy day & I hope it’s a good one!